Monday, January 18, 2010

things that ARE working...

*Weight Watchers. Tonight I hit my 10% goal, which was pretty exciting. I'm not a huge fan of the celebration time in meeting but I agreed to celebrate tonight and I got a sweet keychain. We also set my next goal after the meeting and I am excited to keep going. We also had a friend start a weight loss challenge and there is money involved in that so hopefully I can win it and have new money to go towards new clothes.

*Frontera Chili Starters. If your grocery store has these (they come in big jars, I got mine at Whole Foods), I highly recommend. I got one tonight and added shredded chicken and an extra can of beans and it made a rockin' chili and it was quick. I'm a huge fan of Frontera's chef/owner, Rick Bayless, and expecially his eating local/organic philosophy. Adam wants to go to his local restaurant for his birthday dinner so I am excited about trying more. I've always liked their salsas but the chili starter is baller.

*My fundraising. So far so good but I have a long way to go.

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  1. Way to go on the 10%!!!! Celebrate it (non-food wise, of course)!