Sunday, January 17, 2010

I've been inadvertantly MIA

Sorry about that!! I started a post on Thursday about probably the most annoying thing in the world to me, ignorance, and I haven't gotten it quite where I want it yet. My dad called and distracted me from finishing and posting it and it never got done.

Then we had a funeral to attend yesterday that was about a four hour drive away. And, you already know this, but funerals really suck. For a basket case like me, who literally cannot stand to see other people crying, funerals are an exercise in attempted holding in of emotions. Which is something I completely suck at. So basically, all you need to know to picture the scene is me, with watery eyes and a lump in my throat the size of Manhattan, trying not to cry myself as that would make me look like a tool. I am struggling with a few things in my non-bloggy personal life that made the funeral particularly difficult to bear but I got through it and feel like I am a better person for getting to spend the weekend with Adam's family. They are a really great bunch and I ended up having about 100 times more fun than I was expecting. I truly feel blessed to be gaining good people in my life at a time when I feel that I really need them.

Yoga is going well, except for the fact that I almost puked about 16 times during my class tonight because we had a little too much fun watching the Cowboys game this afternoon. I was irritated that they didn't win, more so because I cannot stand Brett Favre.

I am still reading freaky food books related to my viewing of Food, Inc. last month but am completely struggling with my diet and attempts to change my way of life. Eating "well" is an expensive endeavour. I'm learning more and more why they call Whole Foods, "Whole Paycheck" but I keep telling myself over and over a quote I read, "Eat less. Pay More.", meaning to spend a little more money on better quality food and the body will adjust and be able to eat less while still getting all the nutrients it needs. I will probably have to get a lot more of my thoughts on paper (and by paper, I mean keyboard and this blog) when I finish a couple more books and have a better idea what I'm talking about. And please don't worry, I haven't gone completely off the deep end here. I'm just attempting to make better choices and it doesn't happen all the time (case in point: Wendy's on our road trip this weekend). My favorite things about the two authors that I happen to be devoting most of my time to (Eric Schlosser and Michael Pollan) is that they are real people with a realistic message. Schlosser orders a hamburger in Food, Inc. Why? Because they taste good. A huge part of Pollan's message is about enjoying the foods you eat because we Americans have such a nutrient-obsessed society that we often forget about just eating well and enjoying the experience. Enough about that, more to come later.

So... in short, life is pretty much at the status quo around here. Still cold. Still rocking out at the gym. Still attempting to eat less crap.

But I did go to a funeral this weekend so I only have one message to leave you with, hug your loved ones tonight before you go to bed and appreciate every moment.

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