Monday, January 18, 2010

things that are NOT working...

*I had a cavity filled this afternoon. I'm annoyed on so many levels. First of all it cost $175 because I needed a white filling and my insurance doesn't cover the extra cost. Second, the filling was worse than my dentist previously thought so after about 30-45 minutes of straight drilling, my mouth is not feeling so great now that the anesthesia has worn off. It was my first cavity/filling in probably about 15 years and only my third ever so I'm mad that I let it happen (even though my dentist claims that it's not totally my fault as it was between two teeth). A huge ug to that.

*I may be the only person in the world who can attend a cooking class entitled "Knife Skills" in the morning and then chop the hell out of her finger in the evening. So much for my new technique, huh? GRRRR!

***edit... I forgot to mention (because wonky things are always better when they hopefully bring laughs to my 3 blog readers) that I wrote down the wrong start time for the Knife Skills class and ended up being 20 minutes late instead of 10 minutes early. If you know me, I cannot stand to be late so it was horribly embarrassing. And, the entire purpose of me taking the class was to learn about knives for when we register later in the month for wedding gifts. I missed the entire part about good knives to own and then after class, I started looking at the knives they sold at the cooking school when I realized they were all about $140 each. Yes, for ONE KNIFE. I'm a huge believer in quality kitchen products but that is just insane. I'll be registering for a Faberware set at Macy's thankyouverymuch. So, in short, Knife Skills was an utter waste of my time and money because I missed the parts I wanted to hear and ended up learning a new technique that caused me to nearly chop my left index finger off. GOOD TIMES!!! (thank goodness I own a Slap Chop!)

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