Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Grab Bag on this Wednesday

I promise I don't really plan on talking about Weight Watchers constantly around here. I am going to try to limit the discussion to Tuesdays only, which is the day after my meetings and hopefully big losses. I wish I would be getting to see Biggest Loser type numbers but in reality, I just don't have that much to lose. I would like those five Thanksgiving weekend pounds to come off though, please!

I went to the gym for my weekly butt kicking yesterday. I wish that I could go to the upper body class on Thursdays but alas, my present scheduling does not allow for that. Maybe I can sweet talk the teacher into switching upper body to Tuesdays next session? Doubtful, considering I am just about the worst student in class. Today was the best I felt during the lower body class and I finished abs with one sock on so that's progress (we start losing shoes and socks when we suck at abs class). You gotta start somewhere, right?

Tonight I plan on catching up on Biggest Loser since we went to the Weezer concert and missed the episode last night and last week's "Where are they now" special. Let's see how many Kleenexs I need. UG. I'm a crybaby. Thanks, Mom.

It's officially cold around these parts. I don't think we're still in the November mode of being above average temps anymore. The worst part about it is that I go through these weird phases where I literally believe that I will never get warm again. It starts when I go somewhere indoors and never fully warm up while I'm inside (btw, I always take my jacket off even if I can't warm up because it's always SO MUCH colder outside). Then when I do go outside, it never fails that I'll miss a bus and end up deciding to walk and freezing my butt off. That happened to me on Monday night and I spent the rest of the evening under a million blankets and still not ever feeling warm! I end up going to sleep with the top sheet, down comforter and an extra blanket and pull everything up to my ears. The days that I feel like I'll never not be cold are when I start cursing the winter gods that bring this torture to what is otherwise a lovely city. But as Adam says, it's population control for Chicago. If it was summer all the time, we'd have a bunch of wimpy chumps taking up living space in what is already a pretty crowded place.

It's my birthday on Saturday and I'm wicked pumped because we're going to see Jersey Boys! It's finishing it's Chicago run in about a month so I am so glad we'll be able to see it before it leaves town. Woo hoo!

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  1. I love the Biggest Loser (and I cry a lot during it too). It's amazing to see how their lives, as well as bodies, transform.

    Hope you have a wonderful birthday and fun at Jersey Boys.

    And celebrate whatever happens on the scale next week - little or big (though don't celebrate w/ food!).