Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Day 2 of being on "The Plan"

Yesterday, I went to the grocery store and pretty much filled my basket with goodies from the produce section. I can't stand trying to navigate the place with the rolling cart so I always go the hand-held route and I have to tell you, my basket was HEAVY!

I regret jumping the gun a little bit because I went to my first WW meeting last night and the topic was all the different products that everyone has found at the grocery store that are good for snacking and low in points. If that's how every meeting goes, I like it so far! It was kind of elementary on the encouragement level with the stickers and what not but I can roll with it. It was almost exactly how I thought it would be, lots of people with different reasons to be there.

One thing I forgot was about how all the leaders are actually following the plan themselves. I stayed after the regular meeting for a getting started session and she showed us her before picture. During the meeting, I was staring at this (pardon my french) skinny bitch and thinking, "what does she know about battling weight?". Um, open mouth, insert foot.

So, I just finished figuring out what I'm going to eat today to earn my points. I went a little bit over, but I figure I need a bigger breakfast than normal because I have my mega-hard gym class today and I don't want to pass out. I feel like if I make the healthy choices that I know I should have been making all along that I can have some success with this.

I'm glad I'm making the choice to start now but OHMYGOODNESS is Christmas ever gonna be HARD HARD HARD!!! Thank goodness we are having Italian food as our main meal at my Grandmother's house on Christmas Day because I can just make a huge gigantic salad with all sorts of point free goodies and fill my plate with that and eat the pastas as sides. UG UG UG! But people, I just want you to know that right now there is an almost entire Oreo Cheesecake, 2 chocolate donuts, ample Oreo balls and other chocolate dipped goodies and an almost entire pack of Double Stuffed Oreos in my fridge and pantry. It's taking all the willpower that I have to not tear into the leftovers from Thanksgiving. But neverfear, I have all the willpower I need just by pulling up that mental picture of my muffin top from the weekend. Obviously, I remember it as being about 10 times worse than it is, so I ain't going near the junk food this week. I have to save all my extra points because I have cookie cake coming this way on Saturday!!!

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  1. I'm glad your first meeting went well! Next week's will be exciting too - to see your first documented loss :-)

    Holiday's will be hard...but if they didn't say it last night, just remember one of the WW mantra's: "Progress, not Perfection."

    Maybe that's my new swimming slogan...