Wednesday, September 2, 2009

America's Got Talent: Who knew?

Anyone out there watching America's Got Talent? I have been DVRing it and sort of halfway watching it during the day (previously when I was sitting by my phone waiting for a Crew Desk call, now just because I have nothing more pressing going on). Anyway, this kid Arcadian did a "High School Musical" thing last night. The sad part was that I had no idea it came from HSM but Adam did... um... what? My fiance knows more about High School Musical than me? On the one hand, that makes me proud of myself since I absolutely abhor anything from the Disney Channel (Charlotte and Meredith, that is probably your faults because you tortured me with that evil show, Even Stevens). On the other hand, I am so disturbed that Adam knew that! What the hell, honey? I really hope that an ex-girlfriend made you watch it or something.

Back to this kid, Arcadian. First of all, crazy name. But he's a good dancer. Even though Piers and the rest of the judges ripped him a new one when he was playing the piano, I liked it. Last night though, I felt like his HSM routine was so boring! Bring out the piano and lay off the endless fuete turns, bro!!

There is this other act, Paradizo Dance, and they are ridiculous. I can't put a You Tube video of them in this blog because it seems NBC has it blocked and/or I'm not that You Tube savvy... whatever. Stop reading this now and go to You Tube and search for Paradizo Dance, my personal favorite is their second semifinal performance. What they do is absolutely MIND BOGGLING. It might hurt you to watch because they move like no one else you have every seen.

For me, it's between them, a tap group of sisters called the Fab Five, or Recycled Percussion.

The acts I can't stand, in no particular order:
any act that is magician related
the scary tattoo man and his lady that play with fire
the singers, except the opera lady

On a happier note, my fall DVR schedule is so much less embarrassing. Seriously, I am embarrassed that I watch a show that counts such "talents" as Sharon Osbourne and David Hasselhoff as judges.

Horray for Project Runway, Top Chef, the Office and the new season of So You Think You Can Dance!

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