Thursday, September 3, 2009

Photography Obsessions

So four days in and I'm workin' on those furlough goals, baby!

I signed up for my first-ever photography class, which is kind of understandable since I spent the entire morning yesterday salivating over photography blogs for the wedding. We're using a Chicago-based photographer named Steve Koo for our engagement session downtown and in Millenium Park. If you are interested in photography blogs and with "wedding porn" in general, here's Steve's blog- -I absolutely adore his work, if our stuff turns out half as amazing as this I'll be satisfied:

These pictures were all taken in a less than mile radius from Adam's office, which will be our home base for outfit changes during our session. I need help though!! I'm desperately searching for a maroon dress for some of the pictures. If you've been shopping and seen a cute one (preferably a little more on the casual side) please let me know.

Anyway, back to the photo class. I'm actually a little bit intimidated about going. If I were to take more classes and get serious about this photography school, I'd have to get a Digital SLR camera (aka... hundreds and hundreds of dollars). The guy who runs the school says he knows the best places, best ways and best prices for SLR cameras but I'm still kind of freaked out. In a perfect world, I'd learn how to take awesome pictures with a pocket-sized regular digital camera so we'll see if this place is a fit for me or not. I'm afraid the instructor will laugh at my many-years-old-Kodak-EasyShare-hand-me-down-from-Dad-5.0 megapixel embarassment of a camera in the midst of tons of professional equipment. But I signed up and in about 10 days, I'll be there in all my glory hoping to learn just as much about cameras as photography. The school I'm going to is nice in that they offer this Basic Camera class that I'm taking for free. Then, if I ultimately deside to sign up for the eight week Photo I program, the first class is also free. I appreciate the time they allow for you to decide if you are a good fit. I'll report back and let you know how it all shakes down.

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