Monday, August 31, 2009

Back to Reality...

I went from hotter than hell, sweaty mess in San Antonio to a downright chilly Chicago. I wore a jacket the past two days being back. The A/C is shut off and I'm enjoying the breeze coming through the windows. After 12 days in a row of 100+ and/or humidity through the roof, I am living it up. And I want to go back to Texas to live some day? I just have to keep reminding myself that in a few short weeks, we could have snow up here. And snow does not allow for cute shoe wearing. Unless they are relatively disposable and you can deal with the fact that you'll have frozen nubs for feet all night.

This morning I filed for funemployment insurance! Wow. Semi-depressing, actually.

I'll probably spend an hour packing up everything that I used to wear to work for transport to the basement. Lovely things that I very lovingly referred to as the polyester prison. Thank goodness it never got very hot this summer because those dresses are WRETCHED, think navy blue striped potato sack that does not look good on anyone unless they are wearing a "nearly A" cup bra that they are having trouble filling out. And I ripped my pants in the bum (I like to think that this was just because of the way they were made-think 80's mom pants, complete with pleats-and not my recent weight gain). I would have had to actually pay for new pants since I have about $4 left in my uniform alotment for the year and one cannot survive the Chicago winter without at least one functioning pair of work pants. The day I split my pants was actually quite funny, there was so much extra fabric in the crotchital area that you couldn't even tell I'd split them, that's how brutally ugly and utterly out of style they are/were. Thank goodness, as I didn't want to moon the entire airplane with my ripped lovlies. I was bending down to put something in one of the carts in the galley and when I heard the infamous sound of seams tearing apart, I couldn't help but crack up.

Also on my September to do list (because old habits die hard and today is actually the first day of the flight attendant calendar month of September, despite the fact that it is really August 31):
  • find a new gym (have been putting this off for waaaay too long)
  • find a job... haha!
  • wrap up that fabulous marathon training and do some runs with my groups
  • schedule engagement picture session (before that aforementioned freezing cold weather and snow starts)
  • find out if Filene's is doing a "Running of the Brides" dress sale
  • enjoy my trips to Virginia Beach and the Tennessee Mountains, we are busy little beavers!
  • start my detox program in relation to my recent trip home, I probably ate about 25-30 bean and cheese tacos, countless other Mexican food goodies, insane quantities of fried foods and way too many beers to count- I loved it but gosh, I get unhealthy when I go home
  • buy myself a new suitcase for said trips out of town since my United-issued one has pieces of metal hanging out of parts of it, the poor bag has seen it's better days... big time!

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