Friday, September 4, 2009

Weekends Off!

The best thing about this furlough is having consistent and normal (fri/sat/sun) weekends like the rest of the world. Oh, and holidays. The day that Adam and I realized that we'd actually get to spend Christmas together was a fun time.

My September is shaping up to be fabulous! What's on tap?

Today we leave for...

to hang out with these fine folks...

and to run in the Virginia Beach Rock N Roll Half Marathon! I am hoping to shatter my previous record of 2:34 for a half.

Next weekend, we'll be enjoying beautiful Chicago with a Saturday of tailgating at Soldier Field. Not for a Bears game, but for one of my favorite bands ever...

Ah... U2. I have always wanted to see them in concert and when tickets first went on sale, Adam and I kind of laughed it off because my former schedule was such a pain in the neck to wrangle time off for a Saturday night concert. He got tickets on StubHub yesterday and I am so excited about it!!!

The next day, I'll have to pull myself together because at noon I have my first photography class!
To hopefully be followed by a quick trip over to the...

on Division Street. I just found this amazing Chicago poster yesterday and it turns out the artist that makes them will be at the Craft Fair. Why pay shipping when you can go to a fun street festival and buy it in person?

The following weekend is my future mother-in-law's birthday and we're going to Tennessee to spend the weekend in the mountains with Adam's parents. I haven't been there since I was in third grade (and I had strep throat for part of the trip) so I am really looking forward to going back and enjoying some time in the country.

Mmm... Smoky Mountains!
I don't think I have any concrete plans for the last weekend in September. Maybe we'll try to have some company in town? Or maybe we'll just lounge around and watch the Hokies, the Aggies, the Cubs and the Bears from home! Seems like we might need the rest after the beginning of this month!

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