Thursday, July 9, 2009

Boston Trip

We were so lucky that I never got called for a trip on July 4th (but I still got paid for being on call for the holiday, YES!) so we got to leave for Boston a day early that afternoon. My cousin Julie, who is a real Boston superwoman, found us a hotel room in Harvard Square for the extra night. We checked in, I walked into the bathroom and there was a remote perched on the bottom of the mirror. Could it be? Yes it was!! Only two words were printed on it and they were all Adam needed to hear that he'd be able to accomplish one of his life goals.

"Mirror TV"

Yes, people. My boyfriend had one of his life goals to be able to use the facilities while watching television. It's the simple things in life for him. The extra TV, which actually synchronized with the main TV, came in so handy the next morning while we were getting ready and watching the marathon that was Roddick/Federer at Wimbledon.

Anyhoo, the INDEPENDENCE DAY fireworks in Boston are the best in the country. I guarantee it. We used to watch them with my grandmother when we were really little because they are on TV every year. They were awesome but what was even better than the fireworks show was the sideshow that is my Auntie Jean. She loves her some fireworks!! I was cracking up listening to her scream "WOOOOOOOO!" every time there was a good one.

The weather was beyond awesome for our first three days there. On Sunday we went downtown with the cousins to piddle around at Quincy Market and get Adam some Boston Clam Chowda. We ended up with some extra time so we decided to check out a Harbor Cruise. I am so glad that we decided to shop around because that is how we found....


For those who know me, I love speed boat tours. Codzilla was my third after doing the Beast in NYC and the Seadog here in Chicago on Lake Michigan. Not to burst anyone's bubble but Codzilla was by far the best one that I've ever been on. WE GOT SOAKED and the driver rocked that boat like nobody's business. We laughed so hard that Julie was bawling.


Tomorrow I will post more about Monday's Duck Tour and the game but we had a total blast. I can't thank my awesome Boston branch of the family enough for hosting us and showing us a fab time.

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