Friday, July 10, 2009

Boston Part II

Now... for the original reason for our trip was to take Adam to Fenway Park for the first time. Going there definitely makes me appreciate that we live SO close to Wrigley Field and never have to take public transportation to the game. We went almost 3 hours early and the T train was still a giant mess of people. I love Red Sox fans so much! They have an undying love for that team and it brings the entire region together.

The game we went to was really special (even though the Sox lost, so sad!) because it was the first time that the old shortstop, Nomar Garciaparra, was returning to Fenway Park. Nomah, as they say with the Bahst'n accent, was a huge fan favorite during his time with the Sox. He got traded in 2004 to the Cubs (I was super pissed at the time) for a couple of players that were instrumental in the first World Series win for the team in over 80 years. It was awesome though because the Red Sox had a tribute to him on the scoreboard after the first inning and he got a standing ovation at his first at bat. He had to do a ton of curtain calls after the tribute and he said on Sportscenter that night that the tribute and fan reaction meant so much to him and that he was really choked up. He played great though, as did the rest of the A's, so we were a little disappointed in the loss. I guess we'll have to keep going back until we see a Sox win!

Before the game, we met my cousins Marybeth and Ashley for a Duck Tour. They do these in several different cities but I think Boston is the original city for the tours. They take you in a boat/tanker thing from WWII and drive you around the city before going into the local river. I think it's the best way to see the city and it makes me so sad that we don't have them here in Chicago. Adam even got to drive for a bit when we were in the Charles River. I think this was my third time on the tour, Ashley's second and probably the tenth time for Marybeth but they never get old because each driver has different personality. Even though the rest of our group was kinda lame-o, our driver, Paul Reverse, was pretty cool.

One of the other ducks in the water...

Our whole crew with Paul Reverse...
I wish we were still on vacation. I have to go back to work tomorrow, which I am totally dreading. Only a week before the furloughs are made official and it's not looking good for me at this point. I know it's all everyone will be talking/thinking about so it's kind of a negative environment. I guess when I take a look back on everything that's been going on lately, it's kind of amazing that I've lasted this long in such a crappy economy! I have ideas in mind for whatever happens, it will be nice just to know for sure because I have different plans for each of the three scenarios. Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers this week, and not for any particular outcome, just for me to keep my sanity until next Friday! Have a great weekend!

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