Tuesday, July 14, 2009

5K of debauchery

Last Thursday we ran the Chicago Fire Department's 5K for the Kids (not sure which kids we were running for, but I digress). Adam has been running this race for a few years because his company pays for their entry fees to a lot of local races (SO JEALOUS!) and it's one of his favorites because beer tickets are included with the entry.
I was scheduled for an 8 mile run that day as part of training so I ran from the condo to downtown (~6 miles) plus the 5K race. It was hot and I was not feeling so great about it because of our gluttony during the Boston vacation but we still ended up with 10:30 splits. I found a little bit left in me at the end of the race to kick it up a notch and make the boy sprint with me for a few hundred feet.

As promised there was much beer at the end of the evening. At first, we had to wait in huge lines to get it but we were smart enough to get as many as we could carry at a time. A bunch of the guys and gals from their company got together to close out the evening with a raceous game of flip cup. It's been years since I've played it and my skills were a little bit on the rusty side. Oops. The firefighters also had a DJ so we got to jam. My personal favorite was this guy who did a kickass MJ tribute. He tore up the dancefloor, er, mudpatch.

Huge FAIL to us for forgetting jackets... all we had was race t-shirts to put over our sweaty clothes. And yeah, there are still nights in Chicago where you kinda need a jacket. And I realize it is mid-July at this point. This is why we put up with crap winters, people.

Awwww yeah- FLIPPY CUP!!!

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