Saturday, June 20, 2009

A weekend of weddings!

Since my mind was consumed by three weddings in seven days, I will now consume your minds with two posts of wedding madness. I am bloody annoyed that we dressed up two days in a row and I don't think we have any pictures to show for it! I am going to have to vow to try to bring my camera around more often.

The weekend of May 30-31, we had a wedding on Saturday and a wedding on Sunday. Originally, I don't think Adam wanted to go to both of them but I was convinced it wouldn't be that bad and we RSVP'ed to both of them, as well as registered for the Buckingham Fountain 5K. HUGE mistake! I feel like weddings are happening earlier and earlier these days! When I was little, I remember most weddings starting after 5:00 and receptions going until around midnight. Am I crazy? It seems like with venue conflicts and reception hall time limits that most weddings are starting around 2:00 and becoming an all day affair.

Bottom line was that I completely overbooked our weekend, plus we were an extremely full house because Adam's parents and brother were staying in the city at the condo. Don't get me wrong: I'm so glad that we went to both weddings, but I will be careful in the future to not schedule anything else.

The wedding on Saturday was Adam's cousin and it was about an hour from Chicago in Rockford, IL. We drove out there with his parents and brother and went to the ceremony early to see his grandma. I loved her instantly and she had me in stitches the entire night. The ceremony was in an Asian-themed garden and the reception was at the Rockford Country Club. We had fun dancing around, although I was sort of disappointed because there weren't many other people dancing with us!

The wedding on Sunday was for one of Adam's co-workers. The groom is Jewish and the bride Christian (Catholic maybe?) so they had a Jewish wedding. It was so cool! They did a beautiful job of explaining all of the traditions in their program so we were able to follow along. The groom's step-dad was their officiant. I'm not sure if he's a rabbi or not because the ceremony was in a room at a hotel, but he knew his Hebrew!

The reception was AMAZING! Apparently you get a whole lot more bang for your buck by having a Sunday wedding. It was held at an events hall and the funny thing was that there was another wedding in one of the banquet rooms next to ours. The ladies at our table and I enjoyed smack talking this one chick at the other wedding who had worn a long white dress. Seriously, I kid you not! We had to make sure she was, in fact, not the bride, because her dress was so bad! Women of the world: DO NOT WEAR WHITE UNLESS IT'S YOUR WEDDING. Thanks.

They had the best hors d'oeuvres I have ever had in my life. It was basically some artichoke/cheese dip that had been breaded and fried. In hindsight, I was probably chasing the poor man that had them on his tray because they were SO DANG GOOD (mouth watering now just thinking about them)! The room was lit up beautifully and they had a photo booth, which I've heard about before but never seen at a wedding I actually attended. It was so much fun! The photographer running it had tons of funny props and we had a blast with Adam's other co-workers. Again, I felt like we were the only ones dancing but we still got our groove on and enjoyed ourselves.

Luckily, Adam took Monday off and I didn't end up getting a trip so we were able to sit around on the couch all day and recuperate!

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