Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Unveiling: Work in Progress

So last weekend I moved. Into Adam's condo. Judge if you like.

Moving sucks... especially because we got in from Texas late the night before and I had an obnoxious and annoying doctor's appointment the morning we moved. Oh, and neither one of us has a car so we had to rent a mini-van, which gave us only 24 hours to get everything done. AND it rained all day. But it's over now and the only major casualty we had was my couch which did not hold up well in the rain and we couldn't get it up the stairs at Adam's even with assistance from his neighbor.

We bought a new bed, dresser, futon and 2 nightstands from IKEA so we had an assembly party all weekend. For the time being, all of my stuff was in the living room, waiting to be put away. It was a fiasco!

New bed... still in pieces!

Hellacious living room... DO NOT ENTER!

Where is all of this stuff going to go????????!!!!!???????

Guest room, littered with mattresses, junk, futon pieces, the Tivo... what a mess!

As I mentioned before, it was raining... both Thursday and Saturday when we were throwing stuff off the back balcony to the dumpster (which was definitely my favorite part of moving. Adam was freaking out that we'd hit this car that was about 20 feet away, but we weren't really throwing the mattresses, more like dropping them and only from the second floor, but it was AWESOME!). Anyway, it was raining and we were littering the alley with a twin bed, an OLD AS DIRT queen bed, a couch, a dresser and a nightstand. All things were soaked at one point but on Monday morning the last of it, the nasty super old queen bed was finally taken by dumpster divers. My second favorite part of moving involved calling Mom or Adam, whoever was home with me, over to the window to watch these people pack up their treasures. Hilarious.

Ahhh... fresh paint and crisp white linens! Frankly, I didn't really care much about the color of the room. In case you didn't know, Adam is green/red colorblind so those two colors kind of make his eyes hurt so that left me with blue or yellow. Sorry to you, the color orange, but you have already taken over the living room and half of Adam's wardrobe so you were never really a choice. I thought blue would be calming and nice so we set out on a paint adventure. Mom and I walked the 3/4 mile or so to Home Depot to find out that their computer system was down and therefore they couldn't mix paint. On a random note, it's completely scary how dibilitated the cashiers were without their computers. We ended up at this hilarious mom and pop paint store but it caused us to get better quality (same price, woo hoo!) paint that has my mom converted. And the woman paints a lot so I trust her judgment. It's called Devoe if you need a paint recommendation.

Oh yeah... Big ups to IKEA. We LOVE not having the wheels necessary for the top two drawers of our dresser. What we love even more? The fact that you are an HOUR outside the city and we don't have a car. Thanks. A lot. Jerks.

Ah, the futon... so easy to put together... one day this will be our A&M/Virginia Tech room. Let me know if you see any nice maroon throw blankets.

Our bathroom, which we completed about a month ago with our awesome new towels, mats, etc. and our SWEET Chicago "L" train map shower curtain.

Like I said, this place is still a work in progress. I have lots of wall art to hang. But all my stuff is put away so I'm feeling more settled and pretty happy with all the work we've done!

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