Friday, June 19, 2009

And down came the rain...

As I type, we are in the middle of a huge thunderstorm that might actually last all day. It started at some point in the night and the thunder caused me to wake up frantically to shut the windows in the living room. I need to go to the Post Office and REI so I'm hoping it will let up soon. Adam's company golf outing is this afternoon and supposedly they are all playing, which is insane because it's been torrential rain for most of the day.

Anyway, I am so bummed because apparently we didn't take very many pictures at Tracee's wedding! And I am not that computer smart so I can't figure out how to get the bootleg versions of her photographer's photos. There are some good ones! So you will just have to do with the few that Charlotte sent me. My camera wasn't charged (and it sucks!) so I left it in Chicago and we kept leaving Adam's at the hotel. UG!

We drove to Victoria on Friday, I had never been before so we enjoyed exploring the city on our failed mission to find some Ace Pear Cider (or any cider!!??). It was hot as blazes and I was semi-concerned about being all schveaty in my dress. The rehearsal dinner was outside at the Victoria Art League, which was really cute. I wish I had thought to spray down with OFF beforehand because I got completely annihilated by mosquitoes. Vince (the groom) was in charge of the menu for the night and the food was awesome: beef, shrimp, potatoes, really awesome rolls (I might have had 3, oops), veggies, Lone Star beer, bananas foster... yummy! We got to sit with Tracee and Vince and he kept us very entertained with stories of the remote oil rigs he works at.

Somehow, I think it might have been Char's bf, Ryan, who came up with the idea, but we all decided that we need to visit a local small-town honky tonk bar. Ryan's Blackberry told us that we needed to go to a place called the LoneStar Saloon. It did not disappoint! I thoroughly enjoyed playing tunes on the jukebox.

Charlotte and Ryan at the Saloon!

Check out all the sweet signage behind us!! HAHAHA!

Seriously though, it was a really cool bar! We had six drinks and I think the tab was around $10. The bartender was very entertaining and the clientele were everything we'd ever hoped for. We even had to go back for more on Saturday night after the reception!

The wedding was awesome, here is a link to a picture that pretty much sums it up (I am so mad I can't get it to post on here!):

I was excited for Adam to see the reception because he had never been to a Texas wedding before and y'all know we do it a little bit different (dare I say better?) down there! The above picture was during the Grand March, which is one of my favorite wedding traditions. It's an awesome way to get a lot of people out on the dance floor. It was catered by an awesome BBQ place and Vince had a killer groom's cake that was a huge fish (awesome silver scales in the icing) with A&M on it's tail. We had so much fun, danced and laughed a lot and Charlotte and I spent the entire weekend ganging up on our boyfriends together, haha :) Sorry guys!

Congrats to the new Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Price! It was a fantastic weekend!

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