Monday, January 25, 2010

three things I learned about myself today...

I had a doctor's appointment this afternoon but seeing as how I have been to the doctor/hospital more in the last month than probably in the previous 27 years of my life, I have gained some new insights about myself.

I have a "normal" body temperature that is not at the regular human 98.6 degrees. This doesn't really surprise me because my mom is the same way. I hover closer to 98.0 or 98.2. So when I have a 101 degree fever like I did with the H1N1 in May, it's extra brutal.

I also have wicked low blood pressure. Today I was 90/56. Which according to some (probably horrible) online research I just did means that I actually sit in the "hypotension" range and they think I should be constantly feeling dizzy or fainting. HA!

These two factoids go a long way to explain why I am constantly (during winter or extreme A/C conditions) freezing and why my extremities turn into popsicles, or as Adam calls them, my ice talons. If only it could also explain why I sweat like a monster and basically live summer in an uncomfortable state of overheat. I think I might just be a freak of nature because I have the world's worst internal temperature regulation. Can I get in the Guinness book for that, you think?

The third fun fact about Jen for the day is that I asked the doctor to measure me for height at the end. Have you ever noticed that once you past a certain age (18 maybe?) they stop measuring you and only weigh you? Like you want or need to be reminded of your weight, thanks. I decided to take matters in my own hands and make her measure me because I tried to figure out myself at the gym last week but measuring your own height is a futile effort. I currently measure at 62 1/4 inches. HAHA! I've been thinking forever that I'm only 5'1! So apparently I've grown a whopping 1.25 inches since I was 18. Good times! Again, this isn't really a surprise to me because I'm pretty sure that my mom did some growing after she turned 18 too.

How excited are you to know these things about me? My doctor is doing a bunch of bloodwork since it was essentially my "annual physical" (which is kind of funny because I'm not sure if I've ever had a physical, let alone an annual one, I don't count the stupid stuff I had to do to get hired by United as the work of real doctors). I'm interested to see my cholesterol and lipid levels because again, I've historically had freaky low levels of that too. It's been probably 4 years since I had any of that stuff checked because I kind of gave up giving blood after the third time that I thought I was going to faint and/or not be able to finish the bag. Not fun times.

So yeah, I guess this makes me officially an old person that has to go get physical exams and bloodwork done. When did this happen?

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