Thursday, January 7, 2010

It's like the Energizer bunny... keeps on going and going and going and going....

I am still feeling some aftershocks from last weeks horrible disease(s) and the resulting medications, which really ticks me off. I'm so over it but I am thankful that I can sleep at night and as of tomorrow, I should be off all medications and back to normal (?) (!). It's been almost 14 days of varying, and often confusing, pills and eyedrops.

Things I learned from it all:

-Never go to the ER unless you are straight up dying. They are chintzy with the drugas there!
-Write down your meds schedule if you've been told to alternate Tylenol and Motrin every three hours. It's mindboggling, I promise.
-Cherry 7up. Awesome when you are sick. Tastes terrible when you are not.
-Lipton Noodle Soup. See above.
-I always know when I'm rounding the corner to feeling better when I start massively craving pizza. And I've been that way since pretty much the age of 5.
-I love Househunters International and am greatly indebted to HGTV for having a marathon on NYE.
-Pink eye is DISGUSTING!
-Being a cheapo and ordering make up brushes from an online store that only charges $1 each is great in theory but not when you literally have nothing to put your new eyeshadow on with and it takes 90 years to get your online order shipped (and I paid $6.95 for shipping and ordered this stuff on the 30th... what the hell!).
-Vick's throat spray tastes grody.
-If I get sick again this winter, I may also have an accompanying mental breakdown.
-I should have bought stock in Walgreens.

SO... let's all cross our fingers together now and hope that tomorrow is the end of my pain and suffering. I'm tired of living it and writing about it and I just KNOW you have got to be sick of hearing about it!

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