Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend

OK... Whenever I post pictures to Blogger, I manage to royally mess it up. I had a whole thing written for this post but as soon as I put in the pictures, I can't find the words and all the pictures are in opposite order. And in my previous post, Blogger likes to ignore the places where I have pressed enter and would like spacing. GRRRRRRRR! Any tips would be appreciated because I am apparently not a genius at this.

Without further adu, here is my Thanksgiving weekend in Rewind mode!

Black Friday, we decided to be on crack and go to Michigan Avenue. The weather was nice so it was PACKED! But Dad took us on a North Face shopping spree so it was totally worth it because I got an awesome new jacket. After braving the crowds we waited in a huge line to have a drink at the Signature Lounge on the 95th floor of the Hancock Tower. Lovely!

On Thanksgiving night, we walked over to the Aggie bar to watch A&M vs. t.u. Now... I'll probably take some flack for this but just hear me out people. I enjoyed the game SO MUCH because our Aggies actually gave them a good game but I had already resigned myself to the fact that we were probably going to lose and I was ok with that. Mostly because I do cheer for UT. I have reasons! My mom graduated from there and I grew up kind of assuming that I'd go there (until Mom took me and I saw maybe 3 people with blue hair running around campus, not my kind of place, sorry). But secondly, I live in Big 10 country up here and there is really no other conference in the country that gets hyped up more and for NO REASON! The Big 10 sucks! I am a huge Big 10 hater so anything that makes the Big 12 better is great in my book. I think I developed this when I was in St. Louis and they were showing a crappy game during the NCAA tournament (Big 10 Chumps vs. Some other Chumps) and I had to watch the A&M vs. Syracuse awesome game on my computer. From then on, I hold a serious grudge and LOVE all things Big 12, especially when someone from our conference plays in the National Championship. Thirdly, I have a friendly thing going with Adam where I constantly talk about how inferior the ACC is to the Big 12. Sorry... that was long but long story short is that I was glad that we gave Texas a good game but also glad to see UT marching on to the National Championship (where they will inevitably be crushed by Bama, but whatever. Big 10 sucks!).

Spotted on Belmont Avenue on the way to the Aggie game. HOW DISTURBING IS THAT!?!?!

Our Turkey day meal set up. We had to borrow a table from one of Adam's work buddies and set it up in our living room. City shoebox living at it's finest!

Me, rocking out while cooking on Thanksgiving. And yes, I ate the meal in my pajamas. Which is probably why I went back for the second plate. DANG IT! Next year, I'm wearing my tightest jeans so I have a reason to stop! :)

Beerfest, the night before Thanksgiving. Mikey and Adam. My brother makes hilarious faces in pictures but I will spare you the montage we took of all of us making crazy faces.

My dad showed up for Thanksgiving and gave me my early birthday present about 10 minutes after walking through the door. It was a new Canon Elph! And in a beautiful turquoise color. It takes way better pictures than my old and falling apart Kodak. Anyone need an old digital camera that has the faceplate taped onto the rest of it? I will ship it free of charge to anyone who needs an old digital camera!

I didn't get any pictures of us at Chicago's Kristkindl Mart which makes me sad. But I guess it was raining and I wasn't really in the mood after I saw the city Christmas Tree. It was so pathetic that I can't believe Bonnie Hunt came out for the tree lighting. I guess the City of Chicago decided they didn't have enough money for a proper tree this year (probably because of the failed Olympic bid... BLAST! and the fact that there is no one to impress anymore). A family from the Southside was kind enough to donate one but it's literally a tree from someone's yard and the city totally halfassed the decor. It looked terrible and not fitting of a world-class city. So, no pictures. Sorry! But we did enjoy the heck out of some stuffed bavarian pretzels. I LOVE Kristkindl.

But either way, I like the tradition that we've started of my family coming to see me at Thanksgiving. It's fun to plan and cook the meal and we had a blast running all over town!

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