Saturday, August 8, 2009

Wedding Mania

Long before we got engaged, Adam and I have been talking about weddings for a LOOOOONG time (including our own, we're open and honest like that). But in this first year of dating we've been to a HUGE number of weddings. We've been guests, we've been in them, we've traveled to various places, we've been to weddings in Chicago. I've seen every color of the rainbow used and actually met some of the brides and grooms for the first time at their weddings. It's been good times and I've absolutely loved it.
Probably my favorite thing about weddings is that you can totally see a little bit of the couple in every detail at their event. I've been to probably 50 weddings in my life and all of them were so different and unique. I have lots of inspiration to create our own special day.

Without further ado, a couple of pictures from our two July weddings (and the last ones we have until 2010... I think).

Dave and Emily's wedding: The wedding was gorgeous and right up my alley since they had it at the Chicago History Museum. SO COOL! I need to go back soon, the museum looked awesome.

The bride, Emily, went to Virginia Tech so we know them from football game watching at the Crossroads Bar.

The Hokies with the bride and groom.
Beth and Paul's wedding: Beth is also another Hokie and they play on Adam's Thursday night volleyball team. The wedding was at a really pretty Catholic Church downtown and the reception was at the Holiday Inn at the Merchandise Mart. Check out the awesome view of the Chicago River!

It was a beautiful Chicago day. Wow... I looked sunburned but I don't think I was!

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