Friday, August 7, 2009

The Girls Next Door

One of my most random guilty pleasures used to be that show, The Girls Next Door, with Hugh Hefner and his ex-girlfriends. I don't know why I liked it because it pretty much goes against almost everything I stand for.

Yesterday, I was flipping channels and one of his exes has her own show now on the E! Channel. The episode I caught a few minutes of was where she went to the Playboy Mansion with her fiance and his parents. Hef already has three new girlfriends and I think they are all about 19 years old. I am always amazed that seemingly normal people (aka the fiance's parents) can go to the Mansion and be relatively ok with the atmosphere. For goodness sake people! Their son is marrying some chick that was one of Hugh Hefner's three girlfriends for FIVE YEARS! They find that ok and/or acceptable? Weird.

Now we've moved on to a new episode of Kendra and she's trying to throw a dinner party for her NFL husband and some of his teammates. OMG... she has no idea how to cook or throw a dinner party. Looks like my guilty pleasure is OVER. (unless I find whatever channel Bridget's Beaches is on)

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