Friday, August 14, 2009

Testing my patience and my semi-job search...

I'm so close to being done with flying (for now?) that I can almost taste it. I'm more excited than I thought I'd be, maybe because I have so many other things occupying my mind right now... Nah, it's probably because it's summer and to be honest summer flying is a complete test of one's patience.

We recently started offering these insane menu items on our flights to the West Coast, which is nice to a point. The food is the best stuff I've ever seen on board (or tasted... shhhh) but there is just so darn much of it! I usually volunteer to set up the galley and it's a serious project to try to fit three types of salad, three types of sandwhiches, four different snackboxes, smoothies, Vitamin Water, Lay's Stacks, cookies, Toblerone bars, Clif bars, Odwalla bars, ug... am I forgetting something, all onto one cart. It's a SERIOUS amount of food. And when you consider that no one reads menus or listens to announcements, it wears me out a little bit to run through the items list with 158 people over and over. But yeah, the food is good (personally, I recommend the Caprese Sandwhich. It has these insanely good roasted tomatoes on it. Mouth watering just thinking about it).

Yeah... I'm looking forward to a little break from this. I'm not sure what will be around when I return (if anything? United? UniCon? ConU? Lufthansa USA?).

I've been talking with families in my area about potential nanny jobs. Some people have acted all surprised about this development but I just want to remind the world that I don't dislike kids (especially when they aren't in large groups). I baby-sat from pretty much the day I turned 13, used to summer nanny for a great family in my neighborhood and most recently, I substituted at the after school program in my county in Virginia. I get along fine with kids, mostly because I don't treat them like morons. Just the other night, when I was sitting down with some potential nanny employers, we were talking about the stimulus that babies get and how they absorb so much more than what people give them credit for. I completely feel that way. Most people have trouble grasping the fact that babies and small children are smart! I can't tell you how many parents I've seen act a fool in front of their kids (i.e. screaming and yelling because your stroller didn't appear on the jetbridge according to your time schedule) and then they wonder why their kids throw regular hissy fits and act generally bratty. Uh... hello! It's probably because they saw their parents throw a temper tantrum and therefore think that is an acceptable way to behave.

But I digress, the point is that I can make more money nannying for a 4 month old baby than I do hawking 900 food items to 158 people in the back of a 757 so that is my real motivation. Like I've said before, this is a straight up gift that I have been handed to keep my medical benefits and basically do what I want. It's been really fun exploring my options so far and I have a feeling that something that is a perfect fit for me will find it's way into my life, like pretty much every other opportunity I've had so far.

Running Log: 14 miles yesterday (NEW WORLD RECORD!)

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