Thursday, July 23, 2009

Crisis Averted!

So I have been awarded a voluntary furlough.

Yes, you read that correctly, awarded. I feel like I have basically been handed a 30 month gift. I keep my medical, dental and vision benefits (at a cost of only about $8 a month) and I can still travel when I want to, although only on United because I won't have my crew badge. I keep my seniority so when I come back at the end of this time, I'll be at a higher pay scale and ever closer to the holy grail of the 5 year mark.

I am making a list of goals, or a To Do list of sorts, to guide me in the things that I want to accomplish.

My plan right now? (btw, I still work until Aug. 31)

-visit family at home for awhile
-get super ready for the marathon
-China in November
-collect unemployment at the beginning
-find a fun job for the rest of the time

I can't even explain the weight that has been taken off my shoulders. For the last week of the voluntary bid period, the numbers looked terrible and I was looking at a straight lay off with no benefits. 700 people put in for the voluntary in the last 24 hours and boy, am I thankful! I feel so incredibly blessed to have this crazy opportunity to keep my medical benefits and be grounded with a little more routine right now.

I just had a killer trip with a layover in Bozeman, MT where we rented a car and drove down to Yellowstone. Phenomenal! Unfortunately, this was totally unplanned for me so I didn't have my camera. Hopefully the pictures that I took on my Blackberry will turn out ok. BUT, I dropped my Blackberry in the hallway of our hotel because there were no elevators and I had to carry my bags up and down 2 flights of stairs so I'm waiting for this (hopefully!) nice man to mail it back to me.

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