Monday, June 29, 2009

Sorry, I'm kinda boring.

I've been kind of bored for the last week or so. Most likely because I've actually been working a lot (until today, I got royally screwed and if I could go and punch someone at the crew desk, trust me, I would. Grr.) but my trips have been nothing to write home about for the most part. I had a couple of Vegas layovers last week but I was tired and never even made it to the Strip. Sidenote: I had an excuse. Free happy hour at our layover hotel. Beer, wine and appetizers. All of you that know me well know that I could probably live off only appetizers so it was a cost-efficient way to eat dinner! They had a fat spread and the staff was so nice. It made me really want to go to Vegas soon for some vacation time. Even though I pretty much despise gambling, the atmosphere is so great.

Work is mostly an exercise in survival right now because all everyone wants to talk/debate/whine about is the upcoming furloughs and it irritates me. It's going to be a long month until we find out the outcome. So far, not that many people have put in for the voluntary so I am still on the chopping block. I think the bids for voluntary furlough close on the 20th of July so I will be relieved when it's all over and I can start thinking about the potential next chapter in my life.

I haven't been sleeping well lately (what is up with the sun coming up at 4:30 a.m.? NOT COOL!) and my layovers have generally been so short with early morning check-ins. It's made me a little testy and kind of affecting my mood and energy level. I even passed up going to Taste of Chicago last night because after flying all day and taking the train and bus home in the heat, I was just done. Like I said, I'm kinda boring these days!

Marathon training is not going as well as I'd like it to be. I'm having trouble fitting in long runs when I am on layovers because of the time that they take. When I've been home, I just haven't been putting in the time that I need to. Luckily, I started about a week ahead of time so I am not exactly falling behind and all of the shorter runs I'm doing on treadmills at hotels can only help to add mileage for the week. I just need to get focused. We'll be shopping for gyms in July so hopefully that will give me some motivation.

I just need to get through the next five days of working until Sunday when we finally go on our long-awaited trip to Boston. I've been telling Adam that I'd take him pretty much since we met and I promised him a trip to Fenway Park for his birthday (which was in Feb). I think we'll both be antsy all week working but the payoff should be AWESOME! We have rooms at some great hotels and I am super excited to eat a lot, see my family, and do the Boston touristy thing with my first-time visitor!

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