Thursday, April 29, 2010

Clearly, I suck at this

I really suck at not spending money. It's so hard, y'all!

Last night we dined at a new restaurant I have been dying to try and it happens to be a brewery so it wasn't like I couldn't drink a housemade beer. Adam *technically* paid but give me a break, it was on our joint credit card. Blast! But the beer was so worth it and felt amazing on my allergy-stricken sore throat.

Tomorrow, scheduling is going to necessitate that I have Subway for dinner. Dammit. I realize it's a $5 footlong we're talking about but I am seriously saddened that I'm going to screw up my plan again. And my dad is talking of coming to visit this weekend so we all know that the no spending rule will get completely thrown out due to the "company in town clause".

I am failing at this and I'm on Day 4!

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