Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I kind of feel about Twitter the same way I feel about the massive vampire craze. Which is to say that maybe these are the first things that I am supposed to be "old" about. You know? "Those new-fangled things are just for kids!"

Except, I don't think I want to have that old attitude yet. I mean, I don't even have kids so how can I already be uncool and not on top of the times? (And no, I am not going to get into the vampire thing!)

So, is Twitter cool? I think I would enjoy following *some* celebrities. But is it like a big popularity contest where you have to try to get eleventy billion followers? I don't even know how many people that I know have Twitter accounts.

What's the dealy yo?


  1. I love twitter because I have a constant need to express myself, lol. twitter makes that possible haha.

  2. I use twitter primarily for real time news updates. It's nice to follow updates about the olympics, sports, entertainment, etc and it usually gets to me before any non-twitter users. That said, you have to keep up with it for it to really be useful. Maybe try creating a profile and downloading a desktop twitter client (echofon, tweetdeck, etc) and use it on your computer before going all text/twitter-y?