Monday, January 4, 2010

Worst Monday of the Year!

Even though I don't have anything major to do today (can't get new eyeshadow until tomorrow), it's just so dreary without any holidays to look forward to. The holiday season is such a blowout for me with Thanksgiving kicking it off, my birthday, Christmas and New Year's that January just feels like such a letdown. The bowl season is almost over, football Sundays are over (for the Bears at least) and it's still a long way til baseball and the beginning of spring and loosening of winter's lock on my soul. This time of the year is anti-inspiring for me.

I don't really "do" the whole New Year's resolution thing but you probably already know that, seriously, who starts Weight Watchers for the first time in their life right before Christmas (btw, I had a major fail of two weeks starting with Christmas Eve and ending with McDonald's last night). But I do have some things that I would like to accomplish this year and I think of my goals as more of a running list rather than resolutions that I'll probably break.

-obviously, keep working on my struggle with non-nutritious foods
-try some new fitness classes and not being so lazy about going to the gym even though it's a long cold walk
-cooking classes at Williams-Sonoma
-registry and the myriad of other wedding things I need to get done
-find a half marathon to run in 2010
-get over my freakish "fear" of the indoor pool at the YMCA and start swimming

I put fear in quotation marks because it's not that I am literally afraid of the pool, I just usually have residual childhood fear issues when it comes to getting familiar with a new pool. I used to be deathly afraid of pool drains and I still carry some of that with me until I get to know a pool. Plus, there is something slightly creepy about indoor pools or maybe I've just seen too many weird pool scenes in movies.

Plus, I have the Avon Walk and I really need to get on the fundraising bandwagon with that and all of my furlough goals to accomplish. At least I have some things to accomplish that will help me get through dreary January and February.


  1. You forgot about Aggie Basketball, that can put a glimmer in January and February:)

  2. touche... although the only thing I've been hearing is that the Derek Roland injury was not only completely disgusting but that it zapped the life of the team. and we're not ranked anymore so no TV coverage here in Big 10 Hell.