Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My Thanksgiving Grocery List

...is about a mile long. I am just going to make a quick prediction that the final bill at Dominick's will end up being $167.32. Groceries are EXPENSIVE in the city AND we pay 10.25% sales tax. Oh and that is just the non-perishables. I'll still have to make a run to the produce market that week. So, I'll let you know how much it ends up being after I go (which may end up being tomorrow night. I'm starting to get stressed about being able to find a turkey). Thankfully this year I will have access to a ZipCar to get everything home. Last year, I hand carried probably 4-5 of those reusable grocery bags that were full of enough canned goods to stock a food bank. And that was walking a couple of blocks from the grocery to the bus stop and another block and a half home. My arms were sore for a couple of days. Seriously. This year I may end up being sore just from carrying them up the stairs to the condo!

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  1. I lived in Boston for a summer so I understand the whole arms-hurting-from-grocery-toting all to well. Have you ever heard of EZ Carry? They're handles for plastic bags. I'm sure they would work on reusables too - but it makes carrying plastic bags that normally cut into your fingers after only a few blocks, so much easier.

    Have fun with all the Thanksgiving shopping - and eating. Sounds like you'll have a good feast :-)