Friday, November 20, 2009

I don't really get this whole vampire thing!

Two posts in one day? Done and done.

Currently watching NBC Nightly News, which I could write an entire post about, why do I torture myself by watching the world's problems for 30 minutes everyday? It's depressing! But I digress, they are doing a story on the "New Moon" phenomenon. It made a cool $26 million in only the midnight showings last night that people waited in line for. When I was flying, tons of co-workers were reading the Twilight series. More recently, lots of my friends have picked it up as evidenced by the constant discussion over Facebook statuses. The Twilight kids are all over every tabloid. And that series is really just scratching the surface. I feel like every book and TV show that has come out lately has something to do with vampires (with the exception of Going Rogue by Sarah Palin, although I haven't read it so there may actually be vampires involved, she's crazy).

Am I alone here or are there others that just don't get it? Those teeth are NOT HOT! And all the waify kids in the Twilight movies are just not that attractive. I'm so sick of seeing them that I almost wish that Octomom would have another 10 kids (almost, but not quite, I can't stand her).


  1. I don't get it either!!!! I have not read the Twilight series - so maybe it's fantastic and I'm completely out of the loop, but the movies just look awful...and you're right - the cast is not attractive enough to make me even remotely interested in watching the movie, rationalizing it that if it turns out as bad as I thought, at least I got to stare at someone cute for two hours. All the FB statues just make me want to NOT see the movie that much more (I hate the twitterfeed on Facebook).

    What I think is really ridiculous is some of my friends who HATED the first movie that could not wait to see this one. I don't get it?!?!

  2. Read the books Jen Breda. You'll be singing a different tune then. I was SO anti-twilight until I was stuck in Omaha or somewhere equally crappy during a layover and didn't have anything to read. The books are awesome!! DON'T watch the movies first, because you're right, the movies kind of suck (especially the first one. New Moon is actually kind of good). But if you read the books first, you'll HAVE to see the movies. Trust me, it's worth it. (ps, I'm stalking you on FB and here today because I don't want to do physics homework).