Sunday, October 18, 2009

I'm a Mac... sort of

Coming to you live from our new MacBook Pro!!

I guess it's the main computer for me and Adam to share but since I am still a PC person, I'm impatiently awaiting my Dell Mini to be shipped this week. I imagine I'll do a little blogging on here since it has iPhoto but we have a fancy new huge hard drive to store all of our pictures and music on.

This computer is AMAZING! Our former computers were dinosaurs in the computer world so I can't even begin to explain how much faster this one is. It's not a Mac Air but honestly, it's not much bigger or weightier! I love it. My mini is going to be white and I got this super cute red case with a handle for it so I can take it out and about with me if I want to. I can't wait for my big box to arrive and it was shipped today so hopefully soon. I'll be stalking all week.

HORRAY for new computers! Tomorrow I'm going to attempt to recap for you what was seriously the most amazingly insane wedding I've ever been to. Let's just say I felt more like I was in a foreign country (and we were only an hour away from the city) than I've ever felt when actually in a foreign country. It was phenomenal.

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