Friday, September 11, 2009

Extra Meaningful Day...

Today is a huge day... Only one month until October 11th!!!!!!!

Scheduled runs I have left to do:
8 mile
9 mile
10 mile
5 mile
20 miler!!!!!!
8 mile
12 mile
6 mile
8 mile
5 mile
2 mile...

and then the biggie! 26.2!

I'll probably have a few extra 3-4 milers thrown in there as well if I can ever get caught up with training again. I've been keeping up with the long stuff but throwing in that half marathon that I added to the program has me behind on some of the pesky shorter runs.

At any rate, there isn't much running (or time) left until the big day!!

(attempting to not be scared of what I've committed to)

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