Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Breaking my movie theater hiatus?

So I'm sitting here, getting ready for my 20 miler (and I'll fully report on that from TX tomorrow) and watching my morning standby, the Today Show. They just had a preview for a movie that I potentially would be interested in seeing in the theater. In case you missed my previous post about the theater, I've gone about 14 months without a movie at the "movies". The preview caught my eye, or really caught my ear in this case, because the background music was one of my favorite songs, by M.I.A. It's the one that goes, "All I wanna do is... (POW POW POW POW... you know the song with all the gunshots?) called Paper Airplanes (download it, you won't regret it). I could probably do an entire blogpost on that song alone because it's so mainstream and yet so weird but that's really neither here nor there. So I hear that song pumping out of our gawdy speakers and I look up and it's Michael Moore yelling with a megaphone at the A.I.G. building in NYC. It's called Capitalism: A Love Story, or something like that, maybe don't quote me on this one.

I know this won't win me any fans of my more conservative audience (or frankly anyone from TX) but I actually enjoy watching his movies. He's seriously one of the craziest fat men in America and by no means to I agree with all of what he's saying. I do, however, believe in listening to things from all viewpoints and I don't believe that the mainstream media (especially my hated Fox News) give people an accurate picture of what's really going on in our country. It seems like I'll be waiting forever to watch it on Netflix so maybe, just maybe, I'll venture out one of these days and shell out my $12-15 to see it. Maybe I'll get a job first to afford it. I think the preview reached out and grabbed me, not only because of M.I.A's music but because I've seen so many of my friends, and even myself to a certain degree, become casualties of this economic crisis, I'm interested in what Mr. Moore has to say about it. And I hope the movie is laced with anti-W. Bush stuff, because I really can't get enough of that.

Sorry blogland, I promise I'll get back to running posting tomorrow and much lighter things :)

*Edited to add: Just caught Ann Curry's (FAV!) news report. I missed about half of the story but apparently that dumb broad Sarah Palin was running her mouth about China. Can she see that from Alaska too? Didn't she retire? Can she just shut up and go away? *

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