Monday, August 3, 2009

This is pretty much why I've been running...

I have been wanting to post about the Lakefront Path for awhile now and yesterday the weather was nice enough to cooperate with me long enough to take some pictures.

This is about 2 miles in and the first time you can get a really good view of downtown. The tall one is the Hancock building, by the way.

The Lakefront Path is about 18.5 miles of marked running, jogging, bike trails from the farther Northside to the Southside of the city. There are tons of beaches along the way, beach volleyball courts, Lincoln Park runs right along the west side here at this point and Lakeshore Drive runs along the side.

Did you know there are beaches in Chicago? Because I didn't before I lived here.

Almost to downtown!

One of the harbors on the lake. This was my turnaround point last week on my 12 miler.
Beautiful downtown Chicago!

Depending on the routing I take, I usually go just past the Navy Pier.
As you can see, my runs are usually a place for awesome people watching and I never get bored on the Lakefront Path. It's awesome to just put my iPod on, jam out, and enjoy the awesome views that I get on the entire trail.

This is one of the mile markers that are throughout. I have a love/hate relationship with the markers. Somedays I'm so happy to see them, other days they taunt me!

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