Friday, May 8, 2009

On the Mend?

Today I'm actually feeling a little bit better. I started off yesterday thinking I'd be OK but I had a pounding headache after my three blocks walk to mail back Bride Wars (eh, it was alright, definitely not a DVD I'd buy) and go to Walgreen's.

It's been an utterly pathetic week. I probably slept 15+ hours a day for the past three days. I have graduation and mother's day cards that I haven't mailed yet. I just started doing some laundry as I have completely wasted my two days off doing absolutely nothing and now I have to face my hell tomorrow. I have been on the most annoying pattern of flying lately and it seems I'll be continuing on it again in the morning. I probably face an early morning stand by, which means I get to waste 4 hours of my life at the airport, waiting for a last minute misconnect or sick call. It's my least favorite assignment. In a perfect world, there will be a happy little four day trip waiting for me tonight that I can go on and not have to deal with being on call for the next three days. Is that too much to hope for? Scheduling gods, can you throw me a bone here?

I'm looking forward to hopefully flying so I can get back into my old habits and working out. My gym membership has expired and I'm in a quandry about how to handle that. I had been working out at a rather bare-bones gym that just happens to be steps from Adam's apartment. Turns out the place isn't the best deal around and I really want to find a gym that has my favorite Precor stretch machine. I have to come up with a game plan.

I promise I will have some more interesting blogging soon. The rest of May is going to be busy! Sabrina comes in town early next week, I'm going to try to meet Grandmother and Auntie in DC on Wednesday, and my dad and bro come next weekend for our first Cubs game of the season! Not to mention, it will be my first time in the famous Wrigley Field Bleachers! The following weekend, I run a 10 miler at Soldier Field and we have 2 weddings on the last weekend. I'm so glad I got my sickness out of the way at the most opportune time. Happy Spring to you!

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