Monday, May 4, 2009

Fantastic Weekend

The stars actually aligned for me this weekend. I made it home (ON TIME!) from my trip on Saturday a little before noon. When I came up the stairs from the train tunnel and stepped outside, I was so happy. The weather was awesome! It was probably around 70 both Saturday and yesterday and perfectly sunny and beautiful.

Watching the city come alive is truly amazing. Trees are blooming, plants are turning green again, restaurants have their entire front wall windows open, bars have their patios open... it's impossible to be sad. Just walking around in the neighborhood on Saturday night, there are times when I think I could live here forever (which, that feeling will last until, oh... next December when we have the first of our few fabulous days where the temperature never gets above zero). Even sitting around the house with all the windows open is just nice. I'm even appreciating the smell of fresh fertilizer and mulch, haha!

Saturday was a Chicago sports day of the ages. The Cubs played in the afternoon (and won!), the Bulls were playing in a Game 7 versus the Celtics, the white sox played (not that we really cared), and the Blackhawks had a playoff game vs. the Vancouver Canuks. We had an adventure trying to find a good bar to watch the Bulls and Hawks in. It ended up being so perfect though, we sat so close to the patio and the entire area behind our table was open so it felt like being outside, complete with the roar of the L every few minutes. We went 1 for 2, with a Blackhawks win and a Bulls loss. There's something really cool about actually getting to spend a peaceful Saturday night with your boyfriend. For those of you with "regular people jobs", don't ever take those normal weekends for granted!

Adam's dad was in town so we got to have a couple of really nice meals and some fun shopping time with him. We got Mario Kart for the Wii, which I really suck at, that dang wheel is a piece of work! I need practice. We even watched one of the Netflix movies together for the first time in a really long time! It was such a great weekend that I was really sad that it was over.

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